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140 Lance Lightforce Light

It may be small, but the 140 LANCEā„¢ can be a wise choice!

If you need high performance in a compact package, this is the answer.

Off-road comp vehicles often install these as fog, winch, crawling or reversing lights with dispersion filters.

Remember with LIGHTFORCE you can customise the colour and beam pattern to driving conditions!

Make no mistake, even our smallest light is off-road race ready!

What is an Adjustable Light?

Summary: 140mm Lance Driving Light

  • Compact performance for any size or vehicle type
  • Lightweight polycarbonate, glass filled nylon composite construction
  • Ideal as a fog light or off-road reversing light
  • Ideal for use as a winch light with a DISPERSION filter
  • Gore-tex breather to protect against moisture/contaminant ingress
  • CLEAR SPOT clip-on polycarbonate filter supplied
  • WEIGHT (single unit) 460g
  • H:179mm x W:142mm x D:138mm
  • LIGHT OUTPUT | 110 000 candela | 1 lux @ 450 m

Available in:

  • 12V 75 watt Xenophot Halogen (Product Code - RMDL140HT)
  • 24V 75 watt Halogen (Product Code - RMDL140HT2)