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Lightforce Venom 170mm 50 watt H.I.D.

These are a 170mm 50 watt H.I.D. light ideal for:

  • Passenger cars
  • 4WD’s
  • Vans
  • Utes
  • S.U.V.


  • Produce 1 LUX at 1350 metres (1.35 KM’s)
  • Incorporate LED daytime lights
  • Have the famous Lightforce 3 year warranty
  • Have internal ballast and ignitor
  • Feature strong 1 piece construction
  • Feature zero dust and moisture ingress
  • Strong adjustable 4 position mount
  • Affordable pricing for the light output

Lightforce Venom HID’s

  • Give a superb white long-range beam
  • Uses Osram European ballast and globe for optimum light output
  • Has 50% lower amperage draw than 100 watt halogen lights

Lightforce Venom HID Options

  • Lock nuts with security bolts
  • Lightforce wiring harness
  • Lenses to provide wider (combo) beam
  • Can be brought singly or in pairs
  • Coloured lenses to reduce bounce back from signs


Additional Information - Lightforce Venom

To meet the restricted mounting space available on modern shallow fronted SUVs and Utes, we have taken our most popular sized driving light, the 170mm and lifted it to the next level – an integral ballast HID, with both 35w and 50w available. Combined with the smallest depth of any Lightforce product to date and the unique Lightforce four point mounting system, Venom is the ultimate in stylish driving accessories. Projecting just 25mm in depth, the 170mm Venom has a shallow footprint making it perfect for smaller mounting situations in which a full bodied light might not be suitable. In addition to this, the revolutionary steady mounting system capitalises on the light weight, and low inertia of Venom meaning that it will not lose alignment on corrugations and tough bush tracks.

UV resistant and built using a new ultrasonic construction process, Venom features a one piece shell resulting in zero dust or moisture ingress. Pressure tested for seal integrity, you’ll be struggling to find a stronger light on the market! Venom is the perfect fit for smaller SUVs and 4WDs, without having to compromise on clear, sharp light, visibility, distance and strength.

Lightforce Venom: a revolutionary driving light that turns even the humble family car into a force to be reckoned with! The 170mm Venom has been designed using the renowned Lightforce parabolic reflector technology. This technology is based on the simple idea that the larger the parabolic reflector, the tighter and longer the beam projected from the light. The small and compact Venom is still able to create a powerful and strong beam, outshining many other brands with larger reflectors and putting many LED bars to shame!

Whether ensuring your family’s safety in the SUV or providing better lighting for your drive home after a long day’s work, the Lightforce Venom is the light for you. Lightforce Venom is also perfect to add to the weekend getaway vehicle, proving itself across the harsh Australian landscape just as successfully as in the inner-city environment.

The use of a state of the art Osram European ballast and globe gives a rapid start – up, quickly achieving full brilliance. The superior Osram bulb delivers a full spectrum 4200k colour temperature with good contrast for long distance driving, particularly in outback conditions where visibility of animals on the road verge is critical. This also means that the 170mm Venom operates at a quieter level and can withstand substantially more wear and tear throughout the life of the light. Venom is EMC approved with low radio interference properties and suitable for OEM installations.

HID lights put out a brighter, whiter light with increased clarity compared to traditional halogen lights, which enhances visual perception on the road ahead. From an efficiency standpoint they require much lower current draw. 50% lower in Amps than equivalent halogen lights, meaning less energy wasted in heat and more lumens for your watt! Combined with the LED technology that surrounds the edges of the light, Lightforce Venom represents a formula that simply cannot be surpassed.

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