A high-quality leather couch or sofa will help make your home appear elegant and luxurious. It’s the perfect furniture to add luxury and comfort to your living area. The only requirement is to keep it neat and shining all through the year. Protect your furniture from stains caused by wine spills, food spills, urine from pets and other dirt. To do this, regular cleaning and maintenance is required with the highest quality products. If you notice a spill or stain on your sofa made of leather be sure to clean it as soon as you can.

Today, we present to you the following list of helpful DIY tips to keep your leather sofa free of dust.

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To learn how to clean your leather sofa using DIY ideas, read the article:

1. Stock Up All The Necessary Materials

Don’t forget to organize all the essential cleaning equipment in case you intend to clean dirt, dust and stains from your leather possessions by yourself. Instead of using harmful chemicals or costly products, opt for natural alternatives that are safe and efficient while at the same while being effective. The tools and products you’ll require are:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Water
  • Cotton Swab
  • Microfiber cloth
  • White Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • A vacuum cleaner

2. Start With Vacuuming

Prior to treating stains that are stubborn You must first and clean your leather furniture to remove any dirt, dust, pollens, grime, pet hair, allergens and tiny particles.

Make use of the right attachments to access the crevices and nooks of your furniture easily. Make sure to clean every two weeks for better results. It is important to frequently clean your home when you are allergic to allergens as well as other dust mites in order to prevent spreading diseases.

3. Use Soap And Water

Before you try any method of removing marks or apply cleaner, be sure you test the solution on the surface to determine what happens to the leather. Select a spot that is hidden then apply the product and then wait several minutes. If everything is okay you can remove the tough staining and grime.

Clean a microfiber cloth in soapy water, then wipe the surface clean. You can make use of dishwashing soap or saddle soaps specifically designed for leather surfaces to remove staining such as spills from food, splatters, pet urine, and so on. This is among the easiest ways to transform your furniture to look as brand new.

4. Rubbing Alcohol For Mould And Tough Stains

Get rid of tough stains such as mold, ink, and fungus off your gorgeous leather sofa with ruby alcohol. Rub the solution onto the muslin cloth, then clean the area affected with your soft hands.

In the case of stains such as ink apply a dab of an old paper towel to let it absorb ink then clean the area using the cotton swab that has been dipped in ruby alcohol.

Tips: Test the solution on a concealed area to determine how it affects its leather surfaces.

5. White Vinegar + Olive Oil

According to professional end-of-the lease cleaners, it’s best to choose environmentally friendly or natural cleaning solutions for cleaning your home. It can keep harmful chemicals in check and provide sparkling results without causing damage to your items.

Use white vinegar to apply directly on the surface that is dirty on your furniture, and allow it to dry. After that, soak the fabric in olive oil, then clean your furniture and this will add gloss to your furniture.

Make sure to clean a cloth to eliminate the residue of oil and vinegar.

6. Use Lemon Juice And Cornstarch

Create a homemade cleaner consisting of 2 parts cornstarch with 1 portion of lemon juice to remove stains such as food or blonde. Apply the paste to the affected area and scrub it gently using an old brush.

Avoid harsh cleaning or rough, as this can ruin the leather upholstery of your furniture.

7. Try Gentle And Slow Pattern

If you’re using white vinegar soapy solution, soapy solution and rubbing alcohol be sure to thoroughly clean the area. Instead of vigorously scratching the surface, ensure you massage the area, and apply it in an circular motion.

A soft-bristled comb is an ideal tool to scrub troublesome areas effortlessly. Be sure to use dry towels to clean any excess product off of furniture.

8. Moisturise Your Leather Sofa Regularly

If you’d like to keep your sofa’s look elegant for many years, apply regular moisturizing using the leather serum and cream. Be sure to apply it using a cloth to soften the leather. Remember that you should use less when applying any cleaner to leather.

Tips: You can buy any moisturizing cream you want to use on your sofa at supermarkets. Check the label for instructions and read the label.


Restore the shine of your most luxurious leather sofa by making use of the tips for cleaning your own home provided in the previous article. Make use of natural products that are free of harmful chemicals, and will allow you to achieve sparkling results. To get the highest quality end of lease clean-up in Sydney employ the most well-known firm that will assist you to to get your bond back after the expiration of your lease.


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