How to record great audio without using a recorder


A few years ago, on the day I was leaving NYC for London to shoot a film, I discovered that my microphone had broken. The shops in New York were closed on Saturdays, so I had to call around for hours and pay more than I wanted. But, just hours before my flight, I was able to get a replacement microphone. When I arrived in London for the shoot, I realized that I had forgotten the microphone. I made a mistake. Rather than accept defeat, I had to improvise.

In today’s world, everyone carries the solution to many video production issues in their pocket. You’re using a mobile phone. Lost? You can find your way with a map. Bored? There are games for you. Did you forget your microphone? You already have a mic! Although it is not the ideal solution, it is more than adequate. You can record audio on your phone in two different ways.

You can ask someone to hold the phone out of the frame while you record. It’s best not to have the phone too far away, about 2-3 feet, depending on how loud it is. You can still get a decent medium close-up shot. For best results, you’ll want to have your subject speak directly on the phone. If the issue has a shirt pocket, you can also place the phone there. You may only be able to get a close-up shot above the shoulder if it sticks out or looks odd. When you return to the editing suite, you can sync the audio of your phone’s video with the footage you captured. You can then delete the audio recorded by the camera’s built-in mic, as the audio from your phone is likely to be better.

This problem can be solved by checking your equipment at least a day in advance of your shoot. Also, make a list as you pack to ensure you have everything. Your phone can be your best friend if you are like me, and sometimes common sense is lost. You can start recording voice memos by opening the app. Bonus: Send a text to your friends at home, telling them how bad you’ve messed up.

Best video lighting equipment for every budget

We’ve got some gear recommendations to help you take your home video production up a level, no matter how much money you have. Video lighting tips for a zero-budget

We have already discussed that sunlight is one of the most effective (and affordable!) The sun is a great source of light for video. A gauze-y drape and a large, white poster board can be used to make your footage even more professional. They should cost you no more than a few dollars. Make sure you place your chair and desk so that the sun is directly in front of you. Be careful not to block your light with your camera or computer! Sit on a flat surface or a chair that is in line with other items in your house to create a nice background. Video lighting tips for a midrange budget

Consider buying a bounce from your local camera store to improve your light fill. We believe that the Neewer Photo Studio Light Reflector and Stand Kit does the job nicely. If you are mainly shooting with your phone, it’s a great idea to opt for a super flattering ring light. The level of control that the ring light offers is amazing. Yesker Ring Light: You can adjust the color temperature and brightness of your display. Tips for lighting video on a high-range budget

We recommend investing in a 3-point light kit if you really want to go for it. Three-point lighting kits consist of a fill, key, and backlight. They are the best way to get high-quality illumination in your home. We think that the GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit is a great option for under $500. Lighting gels and diffusers can be purchased to add color and soften the video lighting.

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