Interior Designers Share Their Lighting Tips and Ideas


Your home can be transformed by the lighting that you choose. Selecting the first is better since lighting can impact moods and energy. When shopping for new fixtures, it is essential to make informed choices.

We reached out to influencers and interior designers to find their tips and tricks for selecting the proper lighting for different spaces. As expected, they were full of style knowledge and had a lot to share.

You can see the lighting used to flatter every corner of a home, from the living area to your bedroom.

Make a statement

This space is ideal for a bold light fixture because of its high ceilings and open floor plan. Erica Reitman, a designer, chose this fixture “because I wanted an open-feeling, large fixture for my space.” She explains that our tiny house is only 750 square feet. I wanted something that would stand out but not overwhelm the space. For a refined touch, the gold finish can also be used to cover up white exposed beams.

Contemporary Meets Traditional

The perfect mix of modern and timeless is achieved in this primary bathroom. The brightly colored rug and medallion tiles add a touch of warmth, while the traditional lighting is more conventional and conservative.

Primary Bathroom

Because it best describes the space’s purpose, the term “Primary Bathroom” is widely used. Many realtors, interior designers, architects, and the Real Estate Standards Association recognized the potential discriminatory connotations of the term “Master.” Learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge.

Amy Storm and Lisa Abeln, Amy Storm & Company, tell us that they chose this lighting because of its timeless design and exceptional quality. Lighting is integral to the design, and we love using statement pieces. The pendant’s soft scallops complemented the curve of the sconce and tied together the two lights beautifully with the delicate floor pattern.

High-Shine: A Touch of High-Shine

Another excellent example of a space that combines tradition and forward-thinking design. It is essential to keep the home’s architecture intact while adding modern accents that make it feel fresh and contemporary. Lighting is the best way to achieve this. BDHM’s design tells us that the apartment was a pre-war NYC home and needed an update. However, it didn’t compromise the space’s bones. We refaced the fireplace to make it more modern and added these Troy Lighting prismatic sconces. These sconces are a perfect mix of modernity and tailored masculinity. They also help us to create a Gotham-Esque feel for our Manhattan-based client.

You can layer the lighting in one space using fixtures with different heights and installation–think sconces. A chandelier, a floor lamp, and a chandelier. This creates interest and ambiance.

Contrast is the Key

Although they kept a neutral color palette, the living room is full of interest and dimension thanks to the textures and contrasting materials. “With white walls, light floors, and linen furniture, I knew that the black iron would bring the space’s necessary contrast. It works well with all the natural elements and adds drama and depth to the room,” says Anissa Zajac, CEO and lead designer at House Seven Design.

Do not be afraid to try something new

Although cohesion is crucial to designing thoughtful, consistent spaces, it’s important not to shy away from the unexpected. This bathroom is a perfect example. Kristina Lyne explains, “I chose the District pendant by Troy Lighting for my bathroom because it was sleek & sexy.” Because the space is bright and light, I wanted something that would attract attention. This pendant is beautiful because of its simplicity and clean design, but the glass shade makes it stand out.”

Make a Vignette

A table lamp can make a small space look more prominent, such as a console table in the living room. Consider the message you want to convey, and then go from there. Lea Johnson, Creekwoodhill, tells us that she chose the Mitzi Mia lamp for its apparent aesthetic, form, and function and because it symbolized balance. Who doesn’t want a bit of balance in life?

Play with Proportion

Even the most minor details can make a fashion statement. Anne Sage says this pendant has an industrial feel but has been updated with a beautiful slate blue finish. Its real strength is its proportion play, which feels sophisticated and whimsical. She says, “I love the playful twist on tradition offered by the oversize bulbs.”

Add more texture

Lighting is a great way to add the finishing touches to a space. Do you need a splash of color? Do you want more texture? Could the area be more casual? You want to balance the room with a light that brightens it. Kristina Lyne explains that she initially imagined this space with a woven pendant as she wished to texture. The Hideaway fixture by Troy Lighting was my perfect compromise. The metal cage is finished in champagne leaf and creates the woven look I wanted. It is warm and inviting with the softest diffused lighting, making it ideal for intimate dining spaces.

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