Moving into a new place can be difficult. This is especially true when your new space doesn’t have large windows that allow natural light in. There are many easy ways to make your home or office brighter.

Finding the right lighting can be difficult, but it can also be fun. It is essential to nearly all interior design styles. These are great ideas to brighten a dark bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

1. Place mirrors near light sources

Mirrors can be used to brighten dark rooms and expand visual space. This is old wisdom. To make the most of your mirrors, place them near light sources. For example, a giant mirror on a wall or floor near a window can amplify natural light. A mirror can be enhanced by placing table lamps or a lamp on the floor next to it. The best results can be achieved by placing a lamp next to a mirror that emits ambient lighting. This will ensure that it is not too bright when reflecting off the mirror.

2. Candles, fairy lights, and other ambient lighting sources

You can add a little more light to your space without adding too much, such as fairy lights strings, large candles, orb light, or ambient lighting. They will add the perfect touch of luminosity and provide a wonderful charm and a therapeutic feeling. They will work well in your home with warm, yellow lighting. They can instantly make even the most industrial decor look chic by creating an intimate, cozy atmosphere.

3. Choose transparent or lighter colors.

Our taste and preference for what goes well together are the main factors in choosing our sofas, tables, and chairs. Be aware that your furniture choices can impact the lighting in your home. A small, dim room? Having a large gray or navy sofa in a small space is not a good idea. You will feel more spacious and more significant if you have a stylish and compact sofa in a lighter colour like ivory, white, or beige. Significantly, it would help if you avoided walnut wood tables, bed frames, and TV stands. Consider a transparent acrylic coffee table instead.

4. Use large, light area rugs to cover floors.

You can brighten your space by transforming bare floors into a light-colored rug. This will add softness and texture to your feet. It will also make them glow. This is especially true if you have a dim space with dark floor boards. You can choose a warm hue combination, such as yellow or white/ivory when choosing a rug color. You can increase visual space by making the rug larger.

5. White walls are a welcome addition.

This is something you’ll find in every decor guide. But it’s true. White is the best way to brighten dark rooms. White creates light that bounces around the room, reflecting off other surfaces and creating a feeling of space that is larger than it is. Are you feeling bored by white? For added texture, add ornamental trims to the ceilings. Or paint one side with a brighter color to bring out the diversity.

6. Clean your windows thoroughly

This tip is so obvious but often overlooked. A room with stained windows can feel dirty and reduce visibility, just like wearing glasses with smudges. Use a glass cleaner to clean your windows. It will instantly give you a feeling of freshness and allow more natural light to enter your home.

Natural light is often the key to beautiful rooms. This can make the space appear larger than it actually is and create a dynamic atmosphere as the day changes from daily tonight. Please complete most of your windows and clean them at least once a year.

7. Choose light beige/gray curtains.

You can simplify your window treatments by using light curtains on both sides of your windows. You have two options: blackout curtains or light drapes. Either way, make sure that the color is a light shade of gray. 

8. Choose minimalist furniture that is low to the ground

A darkened room will feel darker if stuffed with too much furniture. This can be avoided by purchasing minimalist furniture low to the ground. You should set a maximum height for your furniture and ensure that every piece is below it. This means you should get rid of the bookcase, no matter how beautiful. Leave enough space between furniture pieces so that the area can be lit. This is the core of mid-century modern design. It is also why this style is so popular.

9. Wall art should be balanced.

New designers often make the standard error of trying too many things. This is especially true for decorative accessories such as art. Even if you live alone, a room that struggles to reflect light should not be covered. You can make it difficult to brighten a space if you have one large, dark wall art piece or a bunch of photos. A wall mirror, light tapestry/wall hanging, or lightly-toned wall artwork can help brighten dimly lit rooms.

10. Your lights should be directed at the ceiling or walls.

Instead of aiming your lights in every direction, illuminating the ceiling or walls with your lights. Contrary to bright lights that focus on a small area of the floor, or ambient light with minimal luminosity, this illuminates the ceiling and walls.

This can be done with a torchiere floor or wall lamp. Lighting the walls or ceilings can make the space feel spacious and cozy. You should always put a few pot lights at the edges of your roof if you intend to install them. This will allow you to lighten the walls elegantly.

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