Nothing is better than dining out on your balcony or with your family and friends on your new patio furniture. As the warmer months approach, you’ll feel inspired to transform your patio, no matter how small or large.

You’ll need to buy weatherproof cushions and ceramic plants, but lighting is what sets the mood. The lighting you choose can make a big difference in selecting the right mindset, especially as the sun sets and the darkness falls on your outdoor gathering.

There are many options for balcony lighting. You don’t have to limit yourself to simple, valuable lamps or unattractive floodlights. Outdoor lighting is so chic you may wonder if the table lamp or pendant light belongs in your home!

You’ll find here a selection of our top-rated balcony lighting ideas. These range from string lights and sconces. They’ll increase your time outside and make your outdoor spaces more beautiful.

1 . Svater 96Ft Outdoor String Light

String lights are undoubtedly the most popular option for lighting your balcony. This vintage-inspired version of classic string lights uses Edison-style light bulbs to create a warm glow at an outdoor party. This set has 96 feet of light and can be dimmed. This is great for neighbors who don’t appreciate your lights as much.

2. Set of 2 Solar-Powered Integrated LED Outdoor Lanterns 

These adorable two-pack LED lantern lights are so cute! The glimmering orbs are made with lasered cutouts from dragonflies and daisies that shine light onto your deck or balcony in artistic patterns. This is one of our favourite balcony lighting options, with its bright light shining through intricate designs and a low price. It’s also very portable.

3. String lights for simple lighting

This glam version of string lights is fun. However, it has chic gold-brushed detailing, making it a stylish and elegant option for your balcony lighting.

4. Maxim Chalet 10-inch High Bronze and Gold LED Outdoor Wall Lamp 

Wall lights can make a significant impact on a space. This one has an old-world feel thanks to its unique shape and materials. This fixture is a great choice and it’s easy to install.

5.Polyterrazzo Oil Lamp 

It’s time to get up if all the other ideas for balcony lighting are making you yawn. You don’t have to stick with the classic examples of balcony lighting. Instead, you can opt for a unique oil lamp that no one else has.

6. Pacifica Outdoor Pendant

Natural finishes make pendant lamps a top choice for balcony lighting. Pendant lamps can also be used in outdoor spaces, although they are most commonly used indoors. For patio decor that your friends will love, you can choose a large one or hang several in different sizes. Plus, nothing screams summertime, quite like wicker textures.

7 . Tanit LED Table Lamp 

This iron LED table lamp will keep you connected and provide warm lighting for your space. While the light from the soft, indirect lighting will not be distracting, the clean lines and geometric design create a modern, appealing vibe.

8 . Globe LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp 

This glowing orb makes the perfect accessory for a pool party. The LED light can be placed on the patio or left floating on the water.

9 . Ivara 1-Light Cone Pendant 

This stylish hanging pendant lamp is modern and farmhouse-inspired. It can be used to extend the shiplap and farmhouse vibes you have in your home outside.

10. Outdoor/Indoor 10ft. Plug In Incandescent G Type Bulb Light with 8 Smoky Glass Shades HOME 

Adding smoky shades to string lights can give your outdoor space a sophisticated touch. Tinted glass diffuses light and sets the mood for outdoor dining.

11. Bronze Cage Light Shades

The LED lights look much better when enclosed in stylish cage light shades. These innovative alternatives depart from the norm and will make any patio, deck, or balcony stand out.

12 .12-ft. 10 Light Battery Operated Metal Indoor Integrated LED String Lighting 

Geometric shapes are hot, and they should be on your balcony. One of our favourite ideas for lighting your patio is to hang string lights with geometric cages. This can make a big statement in smaller spaces. These shapes will make your outdoor activities more enjoyable.

13 . Lighthouse Lantern Teak Small

A structural teak lantern can infuse your backyard with a Japanese look. This balcony lighting idea is excellent because it can be used for festive and minimalist looks.

14 . Cylinder Indoor/Outdoor LED Sconce 

You need lots of light for your balcony, but you don’t want it to feel like you are playing flashlight tag. This slim, cylindrical LED sconce is perfect for you. Bright LED light flows from the top and bottom. This allows you to easily illuminate your outdoor activities without needing a spotlight.

15 . Outdoor Patio Umbrella Marquee Lights 

This circle of LED lights is a brilliant way to light outdoor celebrations. It snaps onto an umbrella pole without needing power cables or cords.

16 . Woven Coastal Lanterns 

You’ll feel transported to a tropical island with the sound of steel drums, a mojito, and other sounds. Hurricane glass lanterns made of rattan are vacation-like but not too kitschy.

17 . Mid-Century Clear Globe Sconce 

You may love a mid-century modern lamp in your home, but have you ever thought about adding one to your outdoor space? You can find a light that matches your style on a porch or patio that will fit in with your style.

18 . Wexford Collection Hanging Lantern 3-Light Outdoor Matte Black Light Fixture

This pendant sconce has three candle bulbs, which beautifully diffuse soft light into your outdoor space. This is the perfect addition to your front or back patio.

19 . Rain Outdoor Sconce 

This stunning sconce is more of a work of art than anything else. The single-light sconce is crafted from glass to look like a raindrop. Air bubbles in the glass create a playful glow that shines across your space. Statement lighting is something you should consider for your balcony.

20 . Solar Tealights 

The trio of solar-powered, swirled glass lamps gives an outdoor balcony a warm glow.

21. Burnished Silver Square Lanterns 

These lanterns are stylish additions to modern backyards with their clean lines and burnished silver finish.

22 .1-Light Brick Patina Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce

This wall-mounted light combines industrial chic with cottage charm thanks to its steel cage and seeded glass globe.

23 . Arrington Outdoor Wall Light 

Clear glass panels allow you to see the Edison-style bulb within this wall-mounted outdoor light sconce.

24. Wooden Cozie Wrapped Lantern 

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