These are the best lighting options for your apartment


Apartment dwellers know the challenges of choosing suitable lighting fixtures for their space. These expert tips will help you transform your dull apartment into a bright, well-lit home.

Ceiling Fixtures that are eye-catching and stunning will help you reach new heights

A bold ceiling fixture can draw attention and open up your space. Interior designer and Lamps plus trends producer Michael Murphy says that a large, even extravagant, ceiling fixture can bring light and drama to a room and trick the eye into believing it is more extensive.

This means that you can still eliminate all lighting sources. Ceiling fixtures are not designed to be used as standalone when there isn’t enough natural light.

Ceiling lights are a great way to brighten a room, but they can’t be used alone. Sid Pinkerton, the owner of Manhattan Staging, says there are better choices than a single ceiling fixture that will only make your room darker.

For a powder room, consider overhead lighting and sconces

It cannot be easy to choose to light for a powder space. Michael Amato is the creative director at The Urban Electric Co. and recommends using slim sconces.

Amato says that lighting around the vanity is a problem in small spaces. If there is little wall space, it is a mistake to forgo a sconce and use only overhead lighting. This can make the area feel smaller and more crowded. A sconce can be used to bring balance and light into the space.

You can choose your lampshades wisely or nix them altogether

If you use lampshades, they are more than decorative accents. They can make a huge difference in how much light your lamp receives. When choosing a shade, it is essential to know your lighting goals.

Pinkerton says that lighter shades of a lamp will let more light into the room. In comparison, darker shades will direct the light closer to the fixture and make it shine brighter.

However, feel free to sacrifice traditional lampshades. Murphy recommends that you ditch traditional lampshades if your goal is to flood the room with light. Instead, Murphy suggests choosing glass or mesh shades or Edison-style lighting, which leaves bulbs exposed.

Warm up to Incandescent Light

Your home lighting should feel warm and inviting, not cold. Interior designer Marie Burgos recommends using bulbs emitting soft, yellow light to achieve this effect.

Burgos says, “It’s more relaxing,” and signals your body to sleep better at night.

Blue light can cause sleep to be disrupted by melatonin. For example, Apple’s “Night Shift,” a new mode for iPhones that makes the iPhone’s light warm after dark, is a good example.

Murphy suggests you look for incandescent lamps to get the soft, yellow light. These bulbs are lower on Kelvin than other lights.

Remember task lighting

When choosing lighting fixtures, it is essential to consider where the light will be needed for tasks like reading at a desk. Task lighting can be especially helpful in apartment kitchens. Pinkerton says that under-cabinet lighting gives you the right light to see what you are doing on the counters.

Install a Mirror or Mirror on the Wall

As you know, mirrors make rooms appear larger. Murphy suggests that mirrors be placed directly in front of windows to reflect light and maximize the space. It will give the illusion of more windows than there are.

Floor Lamps: Go Vertical

If you are short on space, height is a good option. Because they are light and compact, Torchiere floor lamps work well in small apartments. Murphy recommends choosing a multitasking lamp with both a torchiere top and a task lighting midway up. This will maximize the use of your fixture.

Tall floor lamps can be an excellent choice for narrow corners in a room. Murphy says that a table or floor lamp can be used to diffuse light and provide illumination in dim corners.

Make the Most of Wall Space

Another way to use space that isn’t available? Mounted fixtures such as sconces can save valuable floor space. They are as eye-catching and attractive as any art piece. Interior designer Amanda Nisbet says that sconces can be used as bedside lighting and save space.

Dimmers: Stay in Control

The only way to have flexible lighting in your home is with dimmers. Pinkerton recommends integrating dimmers wherever possible and selecting lamps with high/low switches or 3-way bulbs.

Dimmers can instantly alter the mood in a room. Burgos says dimmers can control light intensity to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Consider Form and Function

While function is essential when selecting lighting for your apartment’s interior, it is equally important to consider how the lights will fit in with your overall design aesthetic. Burgos recommends that you treat your lighting as a piece of furniture. You can have light fixtures made of metal, glass, wood, or concrete that match your style.


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