Simple Ideas for Better Lighting


Lighting can have a significant impact on the design and mood of a space. These expert tips will help you choose and update outdated bulbs and switches. These lighting tips will brighten your home, reduce energy consumption, and give it a new look.

Pick a Lighting Focal Point

Not all fixtures–chandeliers, lamps, sconces–should be the same size. The eye will search for visual clarity but not on any specific item. A chandelier is a great focal point for large spaces, such as the family or dining room. A unique floor lamp or vintage-inspired sconces can flank a piece of wall art in a smaller room.

Consider Scale When Selecting Light Fixtures

Lighting should be manageable in space but should not get lost. Scale is necessary when selecting the right light fixtures to fit your space. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve the look you want. A chandelier’s inch diameter should equal the room’s length and width. If you have a room measuring 10×10 feet, your chandelier should measure approximately 20 inches.

Layer Lighting to Create a Balanced Effect

Lighting is best done in layers. To achieve the best lighting balance, you should aim to have at least three light sources in each space, including the foyer. To make small spaces more usable, you can reduce the bulb size and the wattage of the fixtures. The accent layer is essential to highlight any extra details you have added to your rooms.

Use Dimmers Anywhere You Can

Dimmers can instantly transform a room’s ambiance and help you to save money on electricity. Dimmers can be installed in as many rooms as you like and with as many fixtures, to give you more control over lighting. Dimmers can adjust their mood and balance naturally with artificial light.

Lighting can be used in unexpected ways

Lighting can be more than just overhead lamps and portable lamps. You can add a personal touch to your home by adding lighting accents and task lighting. Our favorite out-of-the-box lighting ideas include hanging a pendant on a bedside table or accentuating a bookshelf with mini lamps highlighting artwork and other display items. A small spotlight could be hidden next to an enormous container and turned at a 45-degree angle toward the plant.

Purchase a Lighting Control App

Suppose you are watching TV on your couch and left the upstairs light on. Or maybe you’re on vacation and want the house to be whole. Also, ensure that the living room lights are on when you return home so it’s not dark. You can control your home’s temperature, lighting, window treatments, and temperature with today’s simple-to-use tablet and smartphone apps. You can also set your lighting settings with many apps. For example, you can select your lights to wake up or dinner party.

Replace the most used lightbulbs

Consider changing the bulbs in fixtures you use the most, such as the ones in the kitchen or entryway, to energy-efficient models. The Energy Star-labeled bulbs can significantly affect your home’s energy conservation. You can reduce energy costs, minimize general energy consumption, and produce less heat. To be Energy Star-labeled, a bulb must have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Get a new ceiling fan

When was the last time your ceiling fan was updated? You may need to remember when you last edited your ceiling fan. Ceiling fan motors that are more everyday use less energy and feel more relaxed than older motors. Modern designs can be adapted to any decor style and are quieter than older fans.

Fix Your Media Room Lighting

Television-focused areas require less overhead lighting and more ambient and task lighting. This reduces glare from the screen. A table lamp or task lighting can provide ample lighting for those who want to read. When planning a media space, consider natural light sources and use light-controlling window treatments to ensure you don’t lose your enjoyment.

Change Your Oldest Lighting Fixture

It’s now easier than ever for lighting manufacturers to swap out energy-hogging bulbs and fixtures for more durable and cost-effective options. Look for Energy Star-labeled products when you visit your local lighting showroom. Old lighting fixtures can quickly degrade a space. It can make a massive difference in the appearance of your home by replacing old fixtures, such as flush-mount and chandelier lights, with newer models.

Choose a new shade

Lampshades are more versatile than their appearance might suggest. Shades with lighter colors can diffuse light more effectively. A darker shade focuses the light on a surface, while a lighter shade diffuses it. You can also try a new shade before you redecorate a room entirely.

Replacing a light switch

The switches that work with newer bulbs are more responsive to them. Wireless options, usually with remotes, allow you to control lighting from any room in your house or apartment. If you want to increase lighting in your bedroom, it is wise to be able to control the lighting using a remote. You don’t need to get out of bed to adjust or turn off the lights once you’re comfortable.

Make sure to measure the height of your dining room chandelier

What is the secret to a stunning dining room? A gorgeous chandelier is a key to a beautiful dining room. This lighting tip and rule will help you make your space shine. The bottom of a chandelier should be approximately 30 inches from your table.

Switch to LED Holiday Lights

Americans consume more than 2,000,000 kilowatts of electricity annually to power their mini holiday lights. Switch to LED Christmas bulbs to reduce your energy consumption. According to the EPA, LED lights can last for about 30 holiday seasons.

Get an exterior fixture

While beautiful lighting is lovely, safety and convenience are important considerations for landscape lighting and exterior fixtures. Install a sconce, or a matching set, for dark entrances such as side doors and garage doors. This will make it less stressful to search for keys and give you a sense of security.

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